Michael Jackson Revisited



SO this post isn’t to really ridicule Michael Jackson, just to clear some things up.  There seems to be this public outcry for support and all these people saying how much they loved Michael Jackson.  Where we these people when he was being pounded by accusations of child molestation and whatever else has been said about him over recent years?  The bottom line is Michael Jackson was not a hero, or someone to be looked up to.  He was someone who was alarmingly tucked away in his own world and clearly had some issues.  Just look at what he did to himself physically.  Forget the “so called” skin disease… he butchered his face!!!  And I’m sure we will come to find out that prescription drugs played a hand in his death.  This is what happens when someones disturbing abnormalities are enabled by his friends, family, and all those others around him.

(Images courtesy of http://www2c.airnet.ne.jp/stevie/MICHAEL%20JACKSON/OFF%20THE%20WALL.jpg & http://www.vintagepostcards.org/blog/michael-jackson-mugshot.jpg)


5 responses to “Michael Jackson Revisited

  1. You don’t know what your talking about !! He was not at all abnormal + he DID have a skin disease… vitiligo, do you research , it will help you !!

  2. I thing Michael was a very talented, caring, loving spirit, and The world will miss him. What he did to his face, is really nothing. It is whats inside that counts.

  3. amen,,…..you said it. on the money.

  4. He was mentally sick and weird.

  5. one thing is the skin and another one the nose job and facial transformation.

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