Billy Mays


I’m taking a break from celeb bashing to remember someone I think was a genuine good guy.  Billy Mays reminded me of a blue collar guy who worked hard and and got to the top of his profession.  He’s not artificial like Michael Jackson or so many other celebs.  And yet between M.J. and Farrah there really has not been much ink about  Billy.  So let me just say I think  that Billy Mays was the genuine article and and tribute to what hard work can really do for someone.

Rest in peace

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3 responses to “Billy Mays

  1. Coke did him in. He was a loud mouth dumb f*ck like the rest of us.

    His worries are over and we’ll all drop in the great void one day.

    You have a sorry ass website.

  2. shut up coke head billy mays was a nice guy

  3. coke heaedd shut the f*ck up he was a great guy u jus a douche bagg and DUDE i totally agree with you

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