chupacabra.jpgChupacabra– Hello babies… as most of you may know I am the goat killer of mexico. I’ve taken the some time off from wreaking havoc on the live stock of South America to add my contributions to this site. I’ll also be show casing my survival skills by giving you some well needed survival tips each week… so keep your eyes open. And remember… never cross the Chupacabra.

MeatyJones – Yes sirrrrrrrr! I’ll just be jonesin’ around this site adding in my thoughts and opinions

HighGuy – Beanie Mac said it best, “I don’t do much… smoke weed, count money, f*ck bitches… I don’t do much.” That’s me in a nut shell.

cat-005.jpgEl Gato– As a young child in a small town in Puerto Rico, I was raised on the ideals of generations of mountain men who knew only one thing: to hunt and enjoy as much pussycat as possible…EL GATO, RARRRRR!!!!


17 responses to “THE TEAM

  1. you should have a team picture

  2. A team picture is on the way!!!

  3. thats one sexy cat!!!

  4. U R A QT!

  5. I just came across your website and there is nothing very nice about it. I would like to see the faces and body behind that team!!!

    I read about the Presley’s and you are wrong on LMP yes on the picture she did take on a little bit of weight but she was pregnant!! there are not too many woman that don’t take any weight during a pregnancy and for her it was her 3 times! And her signing is very nice and the lyrics are good. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s not good! As far as I was reading these articles, sorry to tell you but your whole team writes shit only shit so don’t tell that people are bad because you are worst than all and you even smell shit when I open this page!!!

  6. Hey. I actually had some laughs stubling upon your website. But just remember – these people did something with their lives at one point. Took a chance to become something in this world. I hope you can say that about yourselves too – because this website is not it.

  7. I stumbled upon your website by accident and it’s hilarious. I’m now going to make sure all my pals know about it as well. These celeb people are crazzy for making their faces so bad, what are they thinking?????

  8. Well thank you Bob. We’re glad your enjoying our little project. We shall do our best to keep them coming. BTW.. don’t be afraid to throw some suggestions out there.

  9. Patrick Swayze has terminal cancer.

    Father Time will eventually affect you too. Are you going to look at the changes to your faces and bodies and use the word “Shame” as in your “Wall of Shame”?

  10. Hi !!! 😉
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

  11. Yes Piter it is. Something we like to do in our spare time.

  12. Well this site certainly shows that one thing really gets people out of their chairs: offense piled on top of shit load of offense … even I comment on this! I think you should find some freaks and mock those – that will create even more comments – seriously.. Or wait, find some images of Iraqi ex soldiers, with a few blown away limbs or noses – they certainly have let themselves go 🙂

    Keep it up boys, keep laughing!

  13. Discrimination, Deontology, and Consequentialism 804 X. ,

  14. All these comments from Hitthewall and not one picture after three years of existence. I would think that after talking so much BULLSHIT about people who have actually done something with their lives, you would have at least had the balls to publish a pic of yourselves that would be left open to public mockery. Either you’re an 18 year old, pimply faced child who didn’t finish high school, or you’re a 60 year old man who looks like shit and is doing your best to make yourself feel better at the expense of others. Either way, publish a pic of yourselves and try to prove us wrong; right now, you’re just a lonely dickhead with a sad hobby.

  15. Let’s see photos of you! This site is unfair. You criticize those who use makeup/dye hair/plastic surgery, but I suspect you would make fun of them if they did nothing to deal with their aging. Unless you are a paradigm of perfection (let us judge), leave these people alone. You must be unfulfilled in life to put your energy in such unsavory activity. Those you mock have accomplished things in life (can you even come close to Eastwood’s or MJ’s talent?) This is how you choose to “contribute” to society?

  16. You are——you’re

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